Through housing savings fund account up to IRR 250,000,000 Through housing savings fund account up to IRR 250,000,000

Maximum loan facilities through sale by installments (arising from proportional share): IRR 250,000,000

Maximum loan facilities: IRR 250,000,000

Amount of deposit: IRR 125,000,000

Waiting period: 12 months

Interest rate of loan facilities: 11%

Refund period: Maximum 12 years

Refund period of loan installments: Plain and stepwise, annual and periodic

Property appraisal and value estimation: 80% of total price appraised by the bank’s expert shall suffice the amount of loan facilities.

Age of building: Maximum 25 years

Application: Transfer of proportional share of the bank to the buyers of residential units constructed through partnership with the bank;

Note: Loan facilities for sale by installments with deposit through housing savings fund account up to IRR 250,000,000 is paid to the depositors who are willing to purchase the proportional share of Bank for the units constructed through partnership of Bank Maskan.

Maximum payable loan facilities are pending on full observance of maximums indicated as much as the proportional share of the bank.

Equalitycoefficients, maximum equalitycoefficient, least primary waiting period and least average balance in each period is specified for loan facilities up to IRR 225,000,000 and IRR 250,000,000 respectively (see the following table): 


Maximum loan facilities (Million Rials)


Maximum equalitycoefficient

Least primary waiting period (month)

Least average of balance in each period separately (Million Rials)


6 months, one time

7 periods




6 months, one time

7 periods





The best way to benefit from maximum loan facilities specified for the corresponding least waiting period is to open an account at the following amounts and keeping the balance during the fixed waiting period.


Amount of deposit (IRR)

Waiting period (month)

Maximum loan facilities (IRR)










Current criteria and requirements concerning maximum period of refund of the said loan, equality coefficient, least average of balance and least waiting period for the loan facilities for maximum IRR 200,000,000 remain in effect as before.



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