From Preferred Securities From Preferred Securities

Maximum amount of loan facilities:

In city of Tehran: IRR 1,000,000,000 (each of spouses: IRR 500,000,000);

In metropolis of which population is above 200,000 individuals: IRR 800,000,000 (each of spouses: IRR 400,000,000);

Other city regions: IRR 600,000,000 (each of spouses: IRR 300,000,000);

Interest rate of loan facilities: 17.5%

Primary minimum waiting period: None

Refund period: Maximum 12 years

Refund method: Annual and periodic simple and stepwise method;

Being first house buyer is not required for the recipients of loan facilities.

Granting the aforesaid facilities to the spouses is possible just once.

Point: Consolidation of loan facility point of preferred securities of any of spouses with privilege of of other housing undertaken accounts (including first house buyer savings fund account, housing savings fund, housing construction saving fund (for construction only) and housing saving account for the youth) separately and according to general regulations of each account is free of impediment.


Particulars of property:

The property introduced by the applicant should meet the requirements (such as full observance of Bylaw 2800 and confirming of building strength according to other loan facilities (less than 20 years should be passed from issuance date of building permit (construction license).

In this plan, payment of loan facilities beyond the limits of city services is not possible.

Note: In loan facilities granted through priority certificate securities for housing loan facilities and only within worn-out and inefficient urban textures (presently with an interest rate of 16%) are paid. Refund period of installments in simple installment method (depending on inclination of customer and fulfillment of other regulations and criteria) is given within maximum 15 years. Fixing the maximum period of 15 years for refund of installments of loan facilities through priority certificate securities for benefiting from housing loan facilities is only possible in simple refunding method. In other methods of installments (annual stepwise installment with an increase coefficient of 3% and four-year stepwise installment with an increase coefficient) is given as 20% and refund period is given as 12 years as before.



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